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MAKING SPACE by Mind the Gap (UK)


MAKING SPACE – the taster session to connect with the mindset of working inclusive.

How do you connect with people who are different to yourself? How do you make space for them? Making Space introduces participants to methodologies of working with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism as co-leaders and co-creators. This is a direct response to the challenge of making sustainable and slower residencies inclusive for artists and participants, create a journey and to deepen relationships that are often prevented by conventional international touring.

Co-led by Mind the Gap’s professional learning-disabled Artists and Artistic Director, the taster and leaning-in sessions unfold in two digital sessions this February.

In the taster sessions, participants will learn about Mind the Gap’s inclusive practice through a combination of presentations, practical exercises and discussions.

Participants can expect the following:

  • Philosophy of Mind the Gap’s inclusive practice and the UK context
  • Methodology of creative access
  • Warm-up and rehearsal techniques used in preparation of A Little Space
  • Performance making techniques using Image Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed

Taster Sessions can be experienced individually – but also be combined – a ticket for one session gives access to all sessions:

New Reality Podcast

Will be published end of January:  Mind the Gap’s artistic director Joyce Lee and artistic director Karen Toftegaard from Wildtopia/RE:LOCATIONS

                Comparing inclusive performing arts’ contexts from the producer’s perspective

Digital workshops

22. February 4.30pm – 18.00pm (CET) – Taster session (introductory and practical)

28. February 4.30pm – 18.00pm (CET) – Leaning in session (a bit more in-depth in knowledge and practical)

Mind the Gap’s award-winning film, A LITTLE SPACE (2018-current), a powerful piece of physical theatre is available for free on-demand between 5 – 28 Februrary. Follow the link for the details.

Mind the Gap is one of Europe’s leading learning disability performance and live art companies. They make bold, cutting edge work that puts learning disabled and autistic (LD&A) artists at the heart of the artistic process. Based proudly in Bradford since 1988, and have toured acclaimed work of varying sizes and styles around the world. The company’s wide-ranging programme fall into three key areas of performance&live art, talent development and sector leadership.

The collaboration between Fast Familiar, Mind the Gap and Wildtopia – Wild/Fast/Mind – was selected and supported by the International Touring and Environmental Responsibility project grant launched by the Arts Council England, The Embassy of Denmark, London and the Danish Arts Foundation.

How to attend this show

You can attend all the workshops or just one of them. That is totally up to you. We are amazed by the clever ways the UK inclusive company MIND THE GAP practice inclusion and theatre making.

In case you wonder….
Q: Do I have to be a performance maker to get something out of this?
A: No you don’t have to be a performance maker – you can also join if you or your organisation are curious about working inclusive. This is about opening up people’s view on inclusive practices and also to connect with people that should take and be given space in societies.


Digital residencies – 7Euro for ≤ 25 years old + Euros for > 25 years old

Please go to your computer and watch this site – mobilsite coming soon