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A digital interactive courtroom drama you can join from your home.

There’s been a murder. The police have a suspect but the evidence doesn’t paint a clear picture. In an online jury deliberation room, you watch the testimonies from characters involved and expert witnesses, scrutinise the evidence, discuss with your fellow jurors – and reach your verdict. The decision-making process is supported by explanatory materials about forensic evidence. The experience is structured to measure the impact of these materials.
The decision you make will change someone’s life: what will you decide?

If you’re a fan of crime fiction or true crime, this is the show for you. The Evidence Chamber was developed with forensic scientists from the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science, University of Dundee. A post-verdict debrief allows audiences to deepen their understanding of forensic processes and criminal justice procedures.

Guilty of greatness – The Evidence Chamber uses masterful storytelling, excellent
production value, and a slick, user-friendly custom interface to create a believable
and immersive environment for its players
.” – No Proscenium

Tremendously entertaining as well as a fascinating insight into how trials work.” –
The Courier

DATES AND TIMES: 28, 30 November 17.00 – 18.30 CET
Running time: 90 minutes

Fast Familiar make artworks which are participatory, playful and political. We use ‘digital technology’ to create new forms of human connection. For us, art is a space to explore questions which are too complex for daily life. Fast Familiar’s lead artists are Dan Barnard, Joe McAlister and Rachel Briscoe.

The collaboration between Fast Familiar, Mind the Gap and Wildtopia – Wild/Fast/Mind – was selected and supported by the International Touring and Environmental Responsibility project grant launched by the Arts Council England, The Embassy of Denmark, London and the Danish Arts Foundation.

How to attend this show

Each participant will need to join from their own laptop or computer. The piece does not work on tablets, ipads or phones. The piece requires each audience member to connect from their own computer, it does not work to have multiple audience members on the same computer.

Please go to your computer and watch this site – mobilsite coming soon