RE:DISCOVERlive performance



Tickets for the shows at RE:LOCATIONS can be purchased by clicking on this link. If you are really curious and eager to experience all the new kind of shows in a new time we can offer you a Festival Passepartout which gives you access to all three shows – and saves you 12 Euros. Click right here.

Please note that it is not possible to buy tickets for several shows at the same time. However if goes pretty fast if you book individually – or buy a Festival Passepartout.

When any questions – please contact

How to attend this show

When you have purchased a ticket you’ll receive an email. And then two days before your show you’ll receive reminder and more info. 2 hours before your show you’ll receive link to the show. If you purchase a festival passepartout you’ll receive a code to book your specific tickets. Please note you have to book your ticket for each show separately. Thank you for your curiosity.

Please go to your computer and watch this site – mobilsite coming soon