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Close Up and Far Away


CLOSE UP & FAR AWAY by Carte Blanche 2.0 (art-of-listening) leads a group of participants into an immersive, poetic and intimate meeting and experience in their very own homes. Itis a participatory immersive performance created on ZOOM.

For a while my screen was a universe, a garden, a refuge. A place to share with a group of people and with someone who offered us, for a moment, to look at the world with different eyes. It was magical.”
(Participant from test showing)

This is a live theatre experience that talks directly into the reality of our global interconnectedness.

There is an unexpected beauty in the image of a group of strangers, often from many different corners of the world, appearing together on screen – a tessellated pattern of little squares revealing a glimpse of people’s private worlds.

Playing with the double-reality that ZOOM opens up – the frame of the screen and a physical space which each sit in – CLOSE UP & FAR AWAY allows audiences to share an embodied live experience of being together, despite physical distance.


Friday 17th: 16.00

Saturday 18th. 20.00

Saturday 25th: 20.00

Sunday 26th: 16.00


Created by Marieke Breyne, David Jensen, Sarah John, Sigrid Moses-Jacobsen, Seimi Nørregaard, Jean-Marie Oriot, Marga Socies and Sara Topsøe-Jensen.

Performers: Marieke Breyne, David Jensen, Sarah John, Seimi Nørregaard and Sara Topsøe-Jensen.

Co-Presenters: CROSS Festival, Italy and Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia, National Theatre of Greenland

Supported by Statens Kunstfond.

DURATION: 50-60 minutes



Carte Blanche 2.0 (art-of-listening) is locally rooted theater with a national and international cooperation focus. The theater primarily works with audience-engaging formats and is concerned with developing and creating interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations and works with an expanded performing arts concept.

How to attend this show

The showing will take place on ZOOM. You’ll receive an introduction and care-mail two days before you atttend. You can book your tickets by clicking on the ticket link below.

Please go to your computer and watch this site – mobilsite coming soon